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Trinity Financial Services (International) Limited is a company established in the Republic of Mauritius. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dale Capital Partners Holdings Limited (“Dale”). Dale is the financial services division of Trinity Financial Group Limited which is a company listed on the official market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Trinity is licensed by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission to provide the following services:

  • Consultancy services to high net worth individuals, small and medium sized corporations and Trusts.
  • Acts as Protector for Trusts not established under the laws of Mauritius
  • Introduction of business to international financial service providers which enable Trinity’s clients to have access to financial products worldwide.
  • Trinity is very selective in terms of introduction of business to service providers and considers only the best service providers which will give maximum satisfaction to its clients.

Trinity’s client base is truly international with clients from all over the world benefiting from Trinity’s expertise and relationships.

The products that Trinity have access to offer to its clients include but no limited to Pension Plans, Five Years endowment Polices, offshore Trusts and offshore companies established in Mauritius and outside Mauritius.

In addition to the above  we provide consultancy services to clients who want to invest in the SADC Region and especially South Africa.

We  were part of the team who has help in the listing of the first foreign company on the official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and we are confident that we will list many more companies in the near future.



Mauritius is regarding on of the best platform in the world to do business. Mauritius continuing successes are strengthening by its:

1. Political and economic stability

2. Favourable time zone

3. A strong and diversified economy

4. A business friendly environment

5. A low tax regimes

6. A safe place and enjoyable place to work
and live.

7. Skilled and Qualified workforce who
are bilingual

Email: | Tel: +230 217 0901 (Mauritius) + 230 217 1313 (Mauritius)